Screwdriver system specification

Speed: 0 – 5000 rpm

Torque: 0 – 3.6 Nm*

*Higher torque ranges also available.

Tip assembly sizes: M3, M4, M5, M6

Weight: 5kg

Feeder specification

2 screws per second

Suitable for M3, M4, M5, M6 sizes

Capacity expandable by adding bunker unit(s)


Automatic feeding system
One screwdriver system is suitable for different screw sizes.
Collaborative screwdriver system (tip assembly safety function)
Full control over tool bit position (servo system)
Re-tightening of the fasteners
Unscrew function
“Follow the screw” function
Smart fastening cycle (URCAP)
ESD safe
360 degrees fastening direction

Easy to program through Universal Robot Teach pendant

Screwdriver and feeder are easily configurable tightening, retightening, and unscrewing screwdriver cycles through URCAP.

Full control over screwdriver speed, torque, and tool bit location.

Simple and fast programming nodes to make your setup time minimal.

Open API for integrating with other robots and equipment.

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