Thermal Paste Dispensing System

Robotic solutions for manufacturers

Robotic Dispensing System

The project entails the development, programming and procurement of robotic dispensing equipment, specifically designed for thermal putty dispensing to large telecommunication products. Incorporating advanced robotics, the initiative focuses on creating a system that can accurately and efficiently apply thermal putty, ensuring that telecommunication products maintain optimal thermal management for enhanced performance and productivity.


- Machine vision for positioning
- Product height measurement
- Needle calibration
- Flow rate calibration
- Putty volume calibration
- Dual valve dispensing
- Conveyor system



Products used

- Universal Robots UR10e
- Cognex camera system
- Graco dispensing pumps
- Nordson dispensing valves


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation

The challenge

Robotic Dispensing Solution: Flexibility Meets Global Standards

The telecommunications sector, known for its specific manufacturing and production requirements, presented a unique challenge. The primary challenge was to develop a robotic dispensing system that not only meets the industry's needs but also offers flexibility for high-mix, low-volume production. This machinery had to adhere to global standards, including CE-marking, UL compatibility and ESD safety. The goal was clear: design a collaborative, safe and recipe based robotic system, where the dispenser can be swiftly interchanged for different applications.

The solution

A CoBot-Integrated Dispensing Solution with Universal Robots

This system is specifically engineered for the precise application of thermal putty to large telecommunication products. By integrating advanced robotics and automation techniques, the system ensures consistent, accurate, and efficient dispensing, optimizing the thermal management of each product.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

Tailored Robotic Dispensing for Electronic Manufacturers

Optimo Robotics has developed and manufactured a cutting-edge, "turnkey" robotic dispensing platform tailored to meet the requirements of electronic manufacturer. The system is dedicated to the precise application of thermal putty, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, precision, and the highest standards of quality, ensuring that telecommunication products deliver peak performance and longevity.