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Robotic screwdrivers

Get the job done more quickly and accurately, all while reducing the risk of injury or strain. Upgrade your screwing game with a reliable and efficient robot screwdriver today!


Finish complex screwing tasks faster than ever

"Transform your production with OPTIMO Robotics Screwdriving system, experience rapid staff training, broad industrial applicability, unparalleled safety in human-robot collaboration, and a significant surge in operational efficiency."

Up to 90% Reduction in Training Time

Drastically reduce training time with our intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The intuitive graphical user interface eliminates the need for prior robotics or programming experience, reducing training time by up to 90%. The precise control over screwing speeds and torque also results in an estimated 30% improvement in product quality and consistency.

Adaptable across 100+ Industries

Versatile functionality for diverse manufacturing needs.

Designed for a wide array of manufacturing industries, the OPTIMO Robotics screwdriving system offers fastening, re-tightening and un-tightening. Its compact tool tip assembly allows it to function in tight spaces, expanding its usability to over 100 different industry settings.

99.9% Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Enhancing productivity with safe human-robot workspaces.

The integrated safety solution in the screwdriver tool tip assembly allows for a fully collaborative approach, offering a 99.9% safe working environment. This enables human workers and robotic systems to work together seamlessly, improving overall productivity by up to 50%.

Boost in Production Speed by 70%

Accelerate operations with automatic feeding and high-speed spindle.

Thanks to its automatic feeding and a maximum spindle speed of 5000 p/min, the OPTIMO Robotics screwdriving system can increase production speed by up to 70%. The pneumatic air feeding of screws ensures a consistent and rapid supply, further enhancing the efficiency of the system.

Product range

"Unleash Precision and Efficiency: Introducing the OPTIMO Robotics S1 and S2 Screwdriver Systems."

Optimo S1 Screwdriver

The OPTIMO Robotics S1 Screwdriving System is an advanced, high-precision tool designed for diverse manufacturing applications. This state-of-the-art system sets a new benchmark for precision and safety in the manufacturing industry. The patented operating principle and screwdriving method, is the optimal choice for industries such as electronics, telecommunications, and automotive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Screwdriver system?

The Screw-driving system package includes:
OPTIMO Robotics screwdriver
OPTIMO Robotics feeding system
OPTIMO Robotics control box with display
URCAP module for Universal Robots on USB drive
Screwdriver spare bits

Can a single screwdriver and feeder accommodate various screw types?

Yes, our screwdriver and feeder system is designed to handle multiple screw types. However, manual adjustments for screw-specific components are required.

Can the Screwdriver System handle varying screw sizes without manual adjustments?

Yes, our screwdriver system can automatically adapt to different screw lengths. To accommodate diverse assembly needs, multiple screw feeders can be integrated into a single screwdriver setup, ensuring a flexible and efficient process for handling various screw sizes simultaneously. However, for varying screw standards or sizes, manual adjustments are required.

What certifications does the Screwdriver System hold?

The screwdriver system is certified to meet various international standards, ensuring its reliability, safety, and quality. Specific certifications can vary depending on the model and region, so we recommend consulting the product documentation or contacting our support team for detailed information on certifications pertaining to your specific unit.

Is the Screwdriving System ESD safe?

Yes, the screwdriver system is ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe, ensuring protection against any potential static damage during operations.

How can I integrate the Screwdriver System with other machinery or robots?

Integrating the screwdriver system with other machinery or robots typically involves using our provided API or communication protocols, ensuring seamless coordination between devices. Additionally, our technical support team is always on standby to guide you through the integration process step-by-step, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

What maintenance is required for the Screwdriver System?

The screwdriver system is mainly maintenance-free, with only the ballscrew and linear axis requiring periodic lubrication.

Are replacement parts readily available for the Screwdriver System?

Yes, we maintain a stock of replacement parts for the screwdriver system, ensuring quick availability for our customers.

Where are the robotic screwdrivers manufactured?

Our robotic screwdrivers are designed and manufactured in Estonia, close to the Tallinn airport.

Plug & Play CoBot Screw-Driving Solution

The Screw-driving System is designed in compliance with the ISO/TS15006 standard, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Enhanced by a user-centric graphical interface, integration with Universal Robots is swift and seamless. The flexibility of our system allows for multiple integration scenarios with Universal Robots:

  1. Human-Robot collaboration – applications that rely on full collaboration between a human operator and a CoBot.
  2. Human-Robot coexistence – our robotic screwdriver is safe and perfect for exposed coexistence in the workplace.
  3. Inside cell – fully-automated assembly processes that require a human operator and a protective cell.

OPTIMO Screwdriving System COBOT