Assembly and Test Fixtures with machine vision

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Project description

The project involves the development and procurement of specialized production assembly equipment, designed to facilitate the assembly of SD cards, thermal pads, and fixing screws. The equipment includes an electrical cabinet equipped with a Siemens S1200 programmable logic controller, Cognex camera systems, custom assembly fixtures, and integration with test equipment.


- Assembly fixture
- Screwing fixture
- Machine vision fixture
- Test fixture


Automotive, electronics

Products used

- Screwing solution
- Cognex camera systems
- Cognex scanners


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation
Machine building

The challenge

The production of an electronic product required a sequence of detailed assembly operations, each demanding precise product alignments, and fixture-based workflows. The variability in tasks - from SSD insertion and thermal padding to end-of-line labelling - presented a significant challenge that necessitated seamless collaboration between human and machine.

The solution

Fixtures for Electronics Product Assembly

Three specialized assembly fixtures were designed to constant workflows tailored to each stage of the product assembly. Each fixture has integrated electrical screwdrivers, vision systems, and 2D code scanning, along with mask locking, signal lights, and step-by-step assembly commands, to reduce operator errors.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

In response to an assembly challenge in the electronics sector, a trio of tailored fixtures was introduced to simplify and optimize the assembly process. These fixtures, by combining automation with manual operations, ensured an efficient, error-minimized production line, consistently producing high-quality products.