Cobot Screwdriving System

Optimo S1 Screwdriver System

Robotic Screwdriver System

The project involves the development, programming, and procurement of specialized robotic assembly equipment, specifically designed for inserting, tightening, and re-tightening screws in large telecommunication products. This includes precise attachment of PCBs, antennas, and covers.


- Advanced Cobot Screwdriver Platform
- Product full positioning with laser distance sensor
- End-effector quick change system
- Trolley lifter with product locking



Products used

- OPTIMO Screwdriving System
- OPTIMO Screw Feeder
- OPTIMO URCAP Integration Module
- Universal Robots UR10e for Collaborative Operations


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation

The challenge

Robotic Screwdriver Solution: Flexibility Meets Global Standards

The telecommunications sector, with its complex assembly requirements, posed a unique challenge. The primary task was to develop a robotic screwdriver system that not only meets the specific needs of this industry but also provides the necessary flexibility for high-mix, low-volume production. This equipment needed to comply with global standards, including CE marking, UL compatibility, and ESD safety. The objective was clear: to design a collaborative and safe robotic system equipped with a screwdriver that can be quickly and easily interchanged for various applications.

The solution

A CoBot-Integrated Screwdriving System with Universal Robots

Optimo Robotics responded by developing the OPTIMO Screwdriving System, which integrates a screwdriver, a screw feeder, a URCAP module, and a controller. Central to this system is the integration of Universal Robots, designed to operate in harmony with human workers using the CoBot concept, eliminating the need for security fences. To ensure precision and adaptability, the screwdriving system includes features such as a trolley lifting mechanism, a product fixing solution, and a laser distance sensor. These components work together to streamline the robot's positioning and task execution.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

Robotic Screwdriving for Electronic Manufacturers

Optimo Robotics has engineered and produced an advanced, 'turnkey' robotic screwdriving platform, specifically designed to meet the demands of electronic manufacturers. By harnessing the capabilities of Universal Robots and the versatility of the OPTIMO Screwdriving System, we provide a solution that perfectly combines efficiency, safety, and adaptability. From detailed specifications to final implementation, our holistic approach ensures that each project is executed with precision, tailored to the unique needs of the telecommunications and electronics sectors.