Pressing and Screwing Fixtures with Workstation


Project description

This project involves the development and procurement of specialized production assembly equipment, specifically designed to enable accurate press-fitting and screwing. After the press-fitting process, parts will be securely joined using screws. The equipment features an electrically height-adjustable workstation and an electrical cabinet outfitted with a Siemens S1200 programmable logic controller. Additionally, it includes custom assembly fixtures and is integrated with a screwdriver system for comprehensive functionality.


- Assembly Fixtures with press
- Controlled assembly sequence
- Trolleys for fixture changeover
- Workstation with electrical height adjustment


Automotive, electronics

Products used

- ESD Workstation
- Moblile product trolleys


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation

The challenge

Developing a seamless and efficient assembly process that effectively combines two products, ensuring precise press fitting and error-free screwing

The solution

Pressing and Screwing Workstation

Incorporating advanced detection systems, the pressing fixture verifies the presence and positioning of each part, ensuring perfect alignment and proper orientation. Its integrated scanning capabilities make every unit traceable, allowing for accurate variant detection. The pneumatic press provides a uniform press fit, complemented by a screwing system equipped with electronic torque control and angle monitoring, ensuring secure and precise fastening.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

The pressing fixture embodies the pressing/assembly stations, merging part detection, pressing, and screwing technologies. It provides an precise solution for the pressing and assembly of the product, ensuring each phase is executed with precision, traceability, and ergonomic efficiency