Clips Pressing Fixtures with Workstation

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Project description

The project involves the development and procurement of specialized production assembly equipment, designed to facilitate the efficient assembly of metal clips to plastic covers. Following this assembly process, the parts are securely fastened through pressing. The equipment includes an electrically height-adjustable workstation, an electrical cabinet equipped with a Siemens S1200 programmable logic controller, and custom assembly fixtures.


- Assembly Fixtures with presses
- Controlled assembly sequence
- Trolleys for fixture changeover
- Workstation electrical height adjustment


-Automotive, elecronics

Products used

- ESD Workstation
- Moblile product trolleys


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation

The challenge

To ensure a seamless integration of both manual and automated operations in the assembly of metal clips to plastic covers, our system guarantees precise part positioning and secure fixation during the process. This approach, all within a single assembly fixture, provides consistent quality assurance and efficiency.

The solution

Clips Assembly Fixture for Plastic Parts

The Clips Assembly Fixture has been developed to control a sequential workflow in assembly process, combining part presence and position detection, automated mask locking, and pneumatic presses for clip attachment. Manual operations, including label placement and scanning, are efficiently incorporated to ensure product traceability and quality assurance.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

The Clips Assembly Fixture represents a harmonious blend of automation and manual tasks, designed to streamline the assembly of metal clips onto covers. Equipped with clips and product detection systems and a pneumatic pressing cycle, the fixture ensures both precision and quality.