Screw-driving Workstation with Assembly Fixtures

ESD Screwing Workstation

Project description

The project involves the development and procurement of specialized screwdriving and production assembly equipment, designed to facilitate the efficient assembly of plastic covers onto aluminum bodies. Following the assembly process, the parts will be securely fastened together using screws. The equipment includes an electrically height-adjustable workstation, an electrical cabinet equipped with a PLC, custom assembly fixtures, and integration with a screwdriver system.


- Custom Screwdriving Fixtures with Integrated Screw Masks
- Controlled assembly sequence
- Trolleys for fixture changeover
- Height-Adjustable ESD Workstation for Ergonomic Screwdriving


- Automotive and Electronics

Products used

- ESD Workstation for Screwdriving Tasks
- Screwing solution


- Engineering (mechanical, electrical, pneumatics)
- Programming
- Machine building
- Installation

The challenge

Designing, producing, and programming screwdriving fixtures and workstations for a specific product and its unique production process presented a multifaceted challenge. It required a deep understanding of the product’s specifications and the complexities of its assembly process. The goal was to create a system that not only streamlined production but also enhanced the quality of the assembly. This challenge necessitated a harmonious integration of mechanical design, electronics, and software programming to ensure seamless and efficient operation.

The solution

Smart ESD Workstation with screwdriving and assembly process control

To address this challenge, a flexible solution was developed, consisting of a smart workstation tailored for precise screwdriving and assembly process control. This solution incorporated specialized assembly fixtures designed for both the left and right sides of the product, facilitating efficient assembly and screwing operations. The integration of mobile trolleys enhanced the flexibility and ergonomics of the workspace, allowing for easy transportation and accessibility of fixtures. The smart workstation featured height adjustment capabilities, ensuring ergonomic comfort and adaptability for operators of different statures.
Optimo Robotics

The summary

Confronted with the task of developing a custom ESD screwdriving workstation for precise product assembly, a holistic approach was adopted. This strategy brought together specialized screwdriving fixtures, ergonomic trolley systems, and a height-adjustable ESD workstation. Central to this solution is the manual screwdriving system, meticulously designed for controlled fastening torque and position accuracy. Together, these solutions ensured precise, efficient, and high-quality assembly.